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Collaborative Teaching Across Departments: Rebranding Syscon International
Andrews University Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Kimberly S. Pichot, Andrews University
  • Jacquelyn Warwick, Andrews University
  • Doug Taylor, Andrews University
Nethery 004
Start Date
30-3-2017 1:30 PM
End Date
30-3-2017 1:55 PM
Type of Presentation
25 minute Best Practices Session Presentation
Proposal for Presentation

This Best Practices Session explores the on-going experience of a cross-disciplinary project combining the knowledge of marketing and design students in four classrooms and two student organizations at Andrews University to re-brand an industrial manufacturing company in South Bend, Indiana. The project’s constructivist approach to pedagogy allows students to develop their skills, collaborate with others who possess complimentary skills, and solve a real client issue. Its goal is to facilitate an environment of cooperation and creativity through group tasks, reflection, and application of course material that prepares students for the challenges of negotiating professional roles interdepartmentally.

Citation Information
Kimberly S. Pichot, Jacquelyn Warwick and Doug Taylor. "Collaborative Teaching Across Departments: Rebranding Syscon International" (2017)
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