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Proportions of Wood Elements in Stem, Branch, and Root Wood of Black Oak (Quercus Velutina)
IAWA Journal
  • Douglas D. Stokke, United States Department of Agriculture Forestry Service
  • Floyd George Manwiller, Iowa State University
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The volumetrie proportions of vessel elements, fibres, rays, and axial parenchyma plus vasicentric tracheids were determined for the stern, branch and root wood of threc black oak (Quercus velutina Lam.) trees. There were statistical differences in the proportions of wood elements between locations within the trees sampled, i.e., branches, sterns, roots, oblique roots, and lateral roots. Branches had the highest proportion of vesseI elements, whereas sterns had the greatest proportion ofaxial parenchyma plus vasicentric tracheids. The highest proportions of rays were found in root wood. Fibre proportion was greatest in the stern and branch wood.

This article is from IAWA Journal 15 (1994): 301, doi:10.1163/22941932-90000612.

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Douglas D. Stokke and Floyd George Manwiller. "Proportions of Wood Elements in Stem, Branch, and Root Wood of Black Oak (Quercus Velutina)" IAWA Journal Vol. 15 Iss. 3 (1994) p. 301 - 310
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