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The Millimeter-Wave Spectrum of Chlorine Nitrate (ClONO2): The ν6 Vibrational State
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Rebecca A. H. Butler
  • Douglas T. Petkie, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • Paul Helminger
  • Frank C. De Lucia
  • Ewa Bialkowska-Jaworska
  • Zbigniew Kisiel
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The pure rotational spectrum of chlorine nitrate in its v6 = 1 excited vibrational state has been studied. A total of 2901 lines, with Ka extending to 33 in the 35Cl isotopologue and 30 in the 37Cl isotopologue, respectively, have been recorded and assigned. This analysis, along with our recently reported study of the ν5/ν6ν9 dyad and the improved energy levels of ν9 reported in this paper, should make possible accurate simulation of the corresponding ν6 band and its complex hot band structure near 435 cm−1.
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Rebecca A. H. Butler, Douglas T. Petkie, Paul Helminger, Frank C. De Lucia, et al.. "The Millimeter-Wave Spectrum of Chlorine Nitrate (ClONO2): The ν6 Vibrational State" Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy Vol. 244 Iss. 2 (2007) p. 113 - 116 ISSN: 00222852
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