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Java Digital Signal Processing
Engineering Faculty Book Gallery
  • Douglas A. Lyon, Fairfield University
  • Hayagriva V. Rao
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Java Digital Signal Processing offers real-world Java solutions to critical digital signal processing problems, enabling you to bring sound and video to your World Wide Web applications. Java DSP makes it possible to store, transmit, analyze, and alter pictures and sound within Web applications, opening the door to true multimedia Java-based applications. Lyon and Rao provide a concise summary of both DSP fundamentals and Java programming. Targeted at audiences with some mathematical maturity, this book rises above the average introductory Java book and provides an excellent tutorial for Java programmers interested in multimedia programming.
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Lyon, Douglas A. and Rao, Hayagriva V. (1997). Java Digital Signal Processing. John Wiley & Sons (M&T Books)


Copyright 1997 John Wiley & Sons

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Douglas A. Lyon and Hayagriva V. Rao. Java Digital Signal Processing. (1997)
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