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Unpublished Paper
Nitrogen Management of Winter Triticale
Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports
  • Lance R. Gibson, Iowa State University
  • Carasella Nance, Iowa State University
  • Douglas L. Karlen, United States Department of Agriculture
Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm
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Triticale (trit-ah-kay-lee) is a close relative of wheat. When durum wheat is pollinated with rye pollen, the cross is used in a breeding program to produce stable, self-replicating varieties. Triticale yield, stress tolerance, and disease resistance are typically greater than similar traits found in wheat. Triticale does not currently possess the grain traits of bread wheat, so its greatest market potential is as animal feed.
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Iowa State University
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Lance R. Gibson, Carasella Nance and Douglas L. Karlen. "Nitrogen Management of Winter Triticale" (2006)
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