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Unpublished Paper
Soil Fertility Paradigms Evaluated through Collaboration On-farm and On-station
Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports
  • Derrick N. Exner, Iowa State University
  • Kathleen Delate, Iowa State University
  • Douglas Karlen, United States Department of Agriculture
Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm
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A “paradigm” is a way of interpreting and making sense of the world. As such, our views on soil fertility are coherent with our interpretation of the scientific process and science institutions, and perhaps our feeling about the place of agriculture in the larger scheme of things. In agriculture today, two contradictory approaches to soil fertility uneasily coexist – the cation ratio paradigm (CR) and that referred to as “sufficient level of available nutrients” (SLAN).
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Iowa State University
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Derrick N. Exner, Kathleen Delate and Douglas Karlen. "Soil Fertility Paradigms Evaluated through Collaboration On-farm and On-station" (2001)
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