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Fluid Fertilizer’s Role in Sustaining Soils Used for Bio-fuels Production
Publications from USDA-ARS / UNL Faculty
  • John L. Kovar, USDA-ARS
  • Douglas L Karlen, USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
Date of this Version

National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment (NLAE), 2010


Fast pyrolysis is optimized for production of bio-oil. Product yields are typically ~65% bio-oil, 20% biochar, 15% syngas.

Project Objective

To investigate N, P, K, and S dynamics in a comprehensive residue removal, tillage, and nutrient management study

Project Treatments

*Residue removal: 0, 50%, 90%

*Tillage: chisel plow, no-till

*Nutrient management: conventional (30K plants/A), high input (44K plants/A)

•Bio-char: 0, 4.32 tons/A, 8.25 tons/A

•Cover crops: annual, perennial

2009 Soil Test Levels

2009 Nutrient Management

Field Measurements

•Stand counts

•Whole-plant samples at V6

•Ear-leaf samples at mid-silk

•Grain yield and moisture

•Stover yield and moisture

•Grain and stover nutrient content

Citation Information
John L. Kovar and Douglas L Karlen. "Fluid Fertilizer’s Role in Sustaining Soils Used for Bio-fuels Production" (2010)
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