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Cache CountyCommunity Survey of Future Landfill Alternatives
Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources
  • Douglas B. Jackson-Smith, Utah State University
  • A. Caplan
  • T. Jones
  • T. Grijalva
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State University in the spring of 2003. The purpose of this survey was to gather scientific information regarding the concerns, perceptions, and preferences of Cache County adults related to various future landfill siting options. The survey was conducted at the request of local officials, the Countywide Service District, and various advisory committees established to make recommendations on a future Cache County landfill site.

Citation Information
Jackson-Smith, D.B., A. Caplan, T. Jones, and T. Grijalva. 2003. Cache County Community Survey of Future Landfill Alternatives, Final Report. Institute for Social Science Research on Natural Resources. Logan: Utah State University, August.