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A review of methods to estimate haul fleet production
Cost Engineering (1998)
  • Douglas D. Gransberg, Texas Tech University

Five methods that are used to estimate haul fleet production based on optimal analysis are reviewed. The results predicted by those methods are compared to actual field observations. The results of the comparison are used to recommend various methods for estimating haul fleet production. The 5 methods were authored by: 1. R. L. Peurifoy, as interpreted by Atcheson, 2. F. H. Griffis, 3. M. Gates and A. Scarpa, 4. R. E. Phelps and 5. J. J. Adrian and L. T. Boyer. Atcheson's method is generally conservative, which is not necessarily in this application. The Phelps method seemed to be the most consistent.

Publication Date
March, 1998
Citation Information
Douglas D. Gransberg. "A review of methods to estimate haul fleet production" Cost Engineering Vol. 40 Iss. 3 (1998)
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