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Neighborhood-level and individual-level correlates of cannabis use among adolescents and emerging adults living with HIV/AIDS
Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2015)
  • Douglas Bruce, DePaul University
  • Shoshana Y Kahana, National Institutes on Drug Abuse
  • Jose A Bauermeister, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Sharon L Nichols, University of California, San Diego
  • Lisa B Hightow-Weidman, University of North Carolina
  • Justin E Heinze, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Jaclyn M Shea, DePaul University
  • M Isabel Fernandez, Nova Southeastern University
In addition to individual characteristics, there may be a wide range of environmental or neighborhood stressors that contribute to elevated cannabis use in groups of youth living with HIV/AIDS (YLHIV); however, the effects of social disorganization on cannabis use in YLHIV to date have not been studied. We examined the effects of individual-level and neighborhood-level factors by developing hierarchical generalized linear models estimating odds of current cannabis use (any use during the past 3 months) and daily cannabis use among a sample of YLHIV (N=1921) currently receiving medical care. The final model for daily cannabis use included significantly increased odds associated with increased hostility (O.R.=1.05, p<.001), being older (O.R.= 1.05, p<.001), being a bisexual male (O.R.=1.10, p<.05), and residing in a community with a murder rate in the highest quartile (O.R.= 1.27, p=.001), second highest quartile (O.R.=1.01, p<.05), or third highest quartile (O.R.=1.06, p<.05). This paper advances our knowledge of the multilevel factors associated with elevated cannabis use among groups of YLHIV and furthers our understanding of social and structural determinants of health in this population. Future research into cannabis use among YLHIV should consider, not only cannabis use within the context of the adjustment of living with HIV/AIDS, but also the stressors that characterize the environments in which groups of YLHIV live.
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Douglas Bruce, Shoshana Y Kahana, Jose A Bauermeister, Sharon L Nichols, et al.. "Neighborhood-level and individual-level correlates of cannabis use among adolescents and emerging adults living with HIV/AIDS" Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2015)
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