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Some Artificial Intelligence Tools for Argument Evaluation: An Introduction
  • Douglas Walton, University of Windsor, Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric
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  • Computational systems,
  • Defeasible argumentation,
  • Argument graphs,
  • Bayesian rules,
  • Schemes,
  • Audience,
  • Argument from expert opinion,
  • Carneades Argumentation System
Even though tools for identifying and analyzing arguments are now in wide use in the field of argumentation studies, so far there is a paucity of resources for evaluating real arguments, aside from using deductive logic or Bayesian rules that apply to inductive arguments. In this paper it is shown that recent developments in artificial intelligence in the area of computational systems for modeling defeasible argumentation reveal a different approach that is currently making interesting progress. It is shown how these systems provide the general outlines for a system of argument evaluation that can be applied to legal arguments as well as everyday conversational arguments to assist a user to evaluate an argument.
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Douglas Walton. "Some Artificial Intelligence Tools for Argument Evaluation: An Introduction" Argumentation (2016) p. 1 - 23
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