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About Douglas Walton

Douglas Walton is a Canadian researcher, well known for his many widely published books and papers on argumentation and artificial intelligence. He is Distinguished Research Fellow of the Centre for Research in Reasoning, Argumentation and Rhetoric (CRRAR) at the University of Windsor, Canada. He is the author of +50 books in the areas of argumentation, logic, artificial intelligence and evidential reasoning in law, and +320 papers in refereed scholarly journals. His most recent books include Burden of Proof, Presumption and Argumentation (Cambridge University Press, 2014), Methods of Argumentation (Cambridge University Press, 2013) and Argumentation Schemes (with C. Reed and F. Macagno, Cambridge University Press, 2008). Walton’s work has been used to better prepare legal arguments and to help develop artificial intelligence. He is a member of the editorial board of such journals as Argument and Computation, Informal Logic, Artificial Intelligence and Law, and Philosophy and Rhetoric. His books have been translated worldwide and he attracts students from many countries to study with him. Currently (2012-2017) he holds a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant 435-2012-0104 on computational models of argumentation. You can find pdf preprints of many of his papers at his personal web site 


Present Distinguished Research Fellow, University of Windsor

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