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About Douglas Jay Konersman

Douglas Jay Konersman earned his Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering Technologies from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1986. Douglas went on to sucessfully manage the Service Department of a major Computer Retailer. After this success he went on to become the top technician for a Major Medical Testing Equpiment Manufacturer performing outside service in International locations at Customer sites.

Douglas went back to the University of Nevada, Reno and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, graduating in 1992. Douglas has always been interested in and aware of his natural healing abilities. It is a trait that runs in his family. His father had this ability and passed on what he knew to Douglas. Douglas tried every known method to increase his natural healing ability. He studied with internationally known and respected leaders in the Self Improvement industry, self help Gurus and has studied every major religion in great depth.

It was not until he attended an online workshop featuring Mahendra Kumar Trivedi® that he discovered the method of natural healing he had been seeking for his entire life. After listening to a thirty minute discourse from “Guruji” Trivedi® he experienced a five minute Energy Transmission from Master Trivedi® who administered it to all of the participants listening on the call. The results were truly amazing. After just one Energy Transmission, the chronic pain in his back, from a auto accident, almost disappeared overnight. Douglas credits this energy with his relief.


Research Interests

Biofield and Cell Biology

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