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Assessing skills for success in tertiary education
AEA-Europe Annual Conference (2012)
  • Doug McCurry, ACER
  • Graham Orpwood, York University
In almost all countries, significant assessment activities are located at the interface between secondary and tertiary education. Of course, their structure, purpose, and form of organisation vary enormously around the world. In some countries, they are part of a comprehensive ‘baccalaureate’ that marks the completion of the secondary phase of schooling. In others, such as the UK, students take examinations in a smaller number of subjects they have chosen to study. In some jurisdictions, formally constituted examinations boards organise common assessments for all students. In others, such as in many parts of North America, the final assessments are set, organised and marked within each secondary school.
  • Assessment,
  • Secondary education,
  • Tertiary education,
  • Examinations,
  • Students,
  • Education
Publication Date
November, 2012
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Doug McCurry and Graham Orpwood. "Assessing skills for success in tertiary education" AEA-Europe Annual Conference (2012)
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