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NQ + (x) (by Doug Lofstrom and The New Quartet)
  • Doug Lofstrom, Columbia College Chicago
  • Michael Levin
  • Leandro Lopez-Varady
  • James Sanders
  • Sarah Allen
Music performed by Doug Lofstrom and The New Quartet, released on Emphasis Entertainment Group in Naperville, Illinois in 2007. The New Quartet: Michael Levin, clarinet and soprano saxophone; Leandro Lopez-Varady, piano; James Sanders, violin; Sarah Allen, percussion; Doug Lofstrom, bass and keyboards; with orchestra.
  • Emphasis Entertainment Group,
  • The New Quartet,
  • quartet,
  • violin,
  • clarinet,
  • saxophone,
  • piano,
  • percussion,
  • bass,
  • keyboards,
  • orchestra
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Doug Lofstrom, Michael Levin, Leandro Lopez-Varady, James Sanders, et al.. "NQ + (x) (by Doug Lofstrom and The New Quartet)" (2007)
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