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Crossing the Stream (by Trillium)
  • Doug Lofstrom, Columbia College Chicago
  • Mim Eichmann
  • Ed Hall
  • Jonathan De Souza
Music performed by Trillium, released on Little Miracles Music from Downers Grove, Illinois in 2009. Trillium consists of: Mim Eichmann, hammered dulcimer, vocals, percussion - tambourine; Ed Hall, guitar, banjo, vocals; Jonathan De Souza, violin, mandolin, bodhran, whistle, viola, vocals; Doug Lofstrom, bass, vocals.
  • Trillium,
  • Little Miracles Music,
  • guitar,
  • banjo,
  • percussion,
  • dulcimer,
  • mandolin,
  • viola
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Doug Lofstrom, Mim Eichmann, Ed Hall and Jonathan De Souza. "Crossing the Stream (by Trillium)" (2009)
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