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Unpublished Paper
Improving The Player's Recruiting Process By Using Scenario Based Analysis Methodology
Human Performance Engineering (2017)
  • Dotan I Shvorin, Clemson University
  • Kevin M Taaffe, Clemson University
High performance physical characteristics can be found today in most of the potential recruits
for any athletic program and it has become increasingly dificult to select the right candidate
based solely on these characteristics. As a result there is a growing need for a recruiter to evaluate
the decision-making capability of a player in order to understand the mind of the player in
addition to the player physical assessment. We employ scenario-based analysis to evaluate such
decision-making capabilities while enabling any recruiting to customize the potential candidate
evaluation, based on the specific program's needs. The proposed method provides a platform
for decision making evaluation within a specific sport position through the use of game theory
approach. In particular, we assess decisions that a player would make based on being given certain
game scenarios,in an effort to identify the player's decision making type. The performance
level of the athletic program depends heavily on its recruits, and scenario-based analysis can
significantly enhance the capability to and the right recruit for the right position in the game
and as a result, improve the athletic program management
  • Recruitment,
  • Analysis and Decision Making
Publication Date
Spring January 1, 2017
This paper will be geared toward sport management journals under sport science umbrella.
Citation Information
Dotan I Shvorin and Kevin M Taaffe. "Improving The Player's Recruiting Process By Using Scenario Based Analysis Methodology" Human Performance Engineering (2017)
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