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Inclusive Leadership: Preparing Principals for the Role that Awaits Them
ALPS Faculty Publications
  • Dorothy Garrison-Wade, University of Colorado Denver
  • Donna Sobel, University of Colorado Denver
  • Connie Fulmer, University of Colorado Denver
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Preparing administrators with the capacity to improve instruction for all learners is critical for recruiting and retaining special education teachers. However, recent research points out the need to improve skills of current and future administrators for this role. To address these concerns the special education and administrator preparation programs at a western university designed and conducted research to determine how well preservice principals were being prepared to improve instruction for all learners. To determine program improvement and training needs, researchers collected focus group and survey data from current and alumni students from both programs. Findings of this research are organized into recommendations for program improvement. (Contains 2 tables.)
Citation Information
Garrison-Wade, D., Sobel, D., & Fulmer, C. Inclusive Leadership: Preparing principals for the role that awaits them. Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development, 19,117-132.