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Lift Every Voice and Sing: Faculty of Color Face the Challenges of the Tenure Track
ALPS Faculty Publications
  • Dorothy Garrison-Wade, University of Colorado Denver
  • Gregory A. Diggs
  • Diane Estrada, University of Colorado Denver
  • Rene Galindo, University of Colorado Denver
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This article highlights some of the obstacles facing tenure-track faculty of color in academia. Through the perspective of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and by using a counterstories method, four faculty of color share their experiences as they explore diversity issues through engaging in a 1-year self-study. Findings of this qualitative study provide important insights from the perspectives of faculty of color to address ways in which to identify supports that lever barriers during the tenure process.
Citation Information
Garrison-Wade, D., Diggs, D., Estrada, D. & Galindo, R. Lift Every Voice and Sing: Faculty of color reflections on diversity and equity efforts. Urban Review,44(1), 90-112. 90-112. DOI 10.1007/s11256-011-0182-1.