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Culturally Responsive Practices as Whole School Reform
ALPS Faculty Publications
  • V. M. Mayfield, University of Colorado Denver
  • Dorothy Garrison-Wade, University of Colorado Denver
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Despite our best efforts, black children still lag behind white children in academic performance on standardized academic measures. Unconscious racism and our lack of ability to confront it present the most salient reason for the indefatigable prevalence of inequitable opportunities for children of color which undeniably result in achievement gaps. This study identified specific culturally responsive practices schoolwide in a middle school that is successfully closing academic opportunity gaps between White and Black students. The findings indicate professional development served as a conduit for ongoing discussions on race and building the cultural competency of staff. These discussions served to promote culturally responsive practices found in leadership, parent engagement, learning environment, and pedagogy.
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Mayfield, V.M. & Garrison-Wade, D., Culturally responsive practices as whole school reform, Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, 16. Retrieved from