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What Does It Mean to Think, Learn, Teach?
Internationalizing Missionary Training: A Global Perspective (1992)
  • Dorothy N. Bowen, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Earle Bowen

How is the missionary force for the twenty-first Century to be trained? This is the challenge that emerges from this provocative book as it focuses on the task of effective missionary training. Western missions have tended to place most of their training emphasis on schooling and formal education-- witness the number of Bible schools, Christian colleges and theological seminaries that offer everything from a B.A. to a Ph. D. in missions/missiology. But the training concerns expressed by non-Western leaders from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the Middle East offer an alternative. While not dismissing the contribution of formal education, most of the newer training programmes are committed to a greater balance between formal, non-formal and informal education. Can the West learn from these insights? We have traditionally tended to think the opposite. But in the case of the training of missionaries, perhaps it is time for a critical re-examination of what we are attempting to do and why we do it.

  • missionary work
Publication Date
Taylor, William
Baker Publishing Group
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Dorothy N. Bowen and Earle Bowen. "What Does It Mean to Think, Learn, Teach?" Grand Rapids, MIInternationalizing Missionary Training: A Global Perspective (1992)
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