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About Dorothy Felger

Dorothy Felger has had 2yrs. of college at Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio in which she studied Physical Education. Years later she found a passion for yoga and became a certified yoga teacher at Kripalu, a Yoga and retreat center in Lenox Mass.Continuing to study two other types of yoga Anusara and Para Yoga forming an eclectic style of teaching. 

Dorothy Felger then went to massage school at Institute Of Natural Therapies in 2004 for a year in Houghton ,Michigan.Nationally Certified for 12yrs. and licensed in Michigan for the last 3yrs.the main focus in massage therapy is Myofascial Release a form of energy healing that facilitates the client in releasing blocked energy.The other form of energy work that she incorporated in her massage therapy is LA-HO-CHI which is a hands on or remote energy healing with profound effects. 

Blue Diamond Massage and Yoga Studio in Iron River, Michigan has been her business for 12yrs.Rays of the Blue Diamond Energy. These types of therapies have been a blessing for many of her clients with profound results.Balancing the cerebral fluid ,relieving hip back and inner ear imbalances also many emotional blocks were released during these sessions.Her clients through yoga and massage therapies reported indescribable peace and calm. Meditation was a daily practice and has been for years to bring insight ,clarity,inuition and peace.Between Yoga and Meditation she became a clearer vehicle to serve her spiritual path. 

Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been a wonderful healing place for nature surrounds and heals. Four Bear Women is her native name given to her by a medicine man.She sat through many a sweat lodges communicating with The Divine Spirits and learning so much gratitude for Mother Earth. The Bear Clan is a healing clan in native tradition. 

In 2014 she went to her first Trivedi retreat in Chicago, Ill.The first blessing I received from Mr. Trivedi came through as an amazing stream of energy to my whole being not wanting to move for hours. It was an experience beyond words with a feeling of happiness and peace of the utmost magnitude. 

The next 6yrs. was a wonderful journey.There were times of releasing old habits ,stress and sadness,but many periods of happiness ,no fear of the future,great sleep,improved relationships and much more efficient in my daily tasks.

Joining the Master Healing Program was the next step through the Trivedi Foundation. It brought me to the next vibrational level.I saw how Mr. Trivedi could change molecules through his blessings and I wanted to be apart of that changing the world through this powerful energy; to become a Healing Master of the highest Light for all living things. 

In the years being with the Trivedi Family my clients and my family have become higher vibrational forces that improved their quality of life.You could see them overcome hopelessness, indecision and improvement in relationships.The list goes on. 

This energy has brought me to the realization of my purpose for this time in my life.I continue to harness this energy of the Universal Cosmic Consciousness of the highest Light.I plan to use this energy to keep the waters clean and the Bees healthy so that these gifts do not disappear. Thanks to all teachers and guides who have brought me to this point in my life.


Research Interests

Biofield and Cell Biology

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