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About Doreen M Piano

Dr. Piano's dissertation research was an interdisciplinary study of Third Wave feminist cultural production, situated at the intersection of feminist studies, rhetorical and writing theories, and cultural studies. Several articles she has published from this project investigate the literacy practices (primarily making and distributing zines) of a feminist subculture engaged in producing alternative discourses through the use of high and low tech media. This research has contributed to the emerging field of ‘girls’ studies’ or what she calls ‘subcultural feminisms.’
Due to Hurricane Katrina’s impact on her teaching and research, Dr. Piano has created a print and digital archive known as the Writing After Katrina Archive Project (WAKAP) that is a repository of Katrina-related student writings produced in the English Department at UNO. She also has undertaken documenting the recovery through writing and photography to study the aesthetic, collective, and political uses of public space by New Orleans’ residents. Her more recent research utilizes critical concepts of cultural geography, visual rhetoric, and material/digital culture to analyze representations and manifestations of New Orleans post-Katrina.


Present Associate Professor of English and Women and Gender Studies, University of New Orleans

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Composition and Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, Feminist/Gender Studies, Visual Rhetoric, and Graffiti and Street Art

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Contact Information

Liberal Arts Building, Rm 333
504 280-6457
I am on professional leave for the
school year 2012-2013 but can be contacted through my university email account.

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