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Knowledge Gaps of the Health Benefits of Beans among Low-Income Women
American Journal of Health Behavior
  • Shelly M. Palmer, Iowa State University
  • Donna Winham, Iowa State University
  • Christine A. Hradek, MPH, Iowa State University
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Objectives: We determined knowledge of the health benefits of consuming beans, and assessed if awareness varied by acculturation status among Hispanic and non-Hispanic low-income women. Methods: We used a self-administered survey with Iowa women aged 18-65 years who were eligible to receive income-based services through 2 healthcare clinics, a WIC clinic, and Extension Outreach. Chi-square and ANOVA were used to compare bean health benefit knowledge, demographics, health-risk factors, nutrition information seeking, and self-efficacy by acculturation categories. Results: Of the 158 women who completed the survey, 58% were Hispanic, with a mean age of 36 years. In terms of acculturation, 24% were Hispanic-dominant, 30% bicultural, and 46% English dominant. Over 50% of all respondents did not know bean consumption lowered cholesterol, aided blood glucose control, or reduced some cancer risks. Responses for 5 of 7 knowledge statements differed significantly by acculturation. Hispanic-dominant and bicultural women reported significantly better health, higher bean consumption, and less cigarette smoking than English-dominant women. Bicultural and English-dominant women were more likely to use the Internet for nutrition information. Conclusions: There are knowledge gaps about the health benefits of bean consumption among low-income women. Nutrition education to improve their knowledge may lead to increased bean consumption, reducing health disparities and improving nutrition.


This article is published as Palmer SM, Winham DM, Hradek C. Knowledge Gaps of the Health Benefits of Beans among Low-Income Women. American Journal of Health Behavior. 2018 Jan 1;42(1). Doi: 10.5993/AJHB.42.1.3.

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Shelly M. Palmer, Donna Winham and Christine A. Hradek. "Knowledge Gaps of the Health Benefits of Beans among Low-Income Women" American Journal of Health Behavior Vol. 42 Iss. 1 (2018) p. 27 - 38 (12)
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