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Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health
  • Donna M. Winham, Iowa State University
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Legumes have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. With their multiple health benefits, they deserve a central role in contemporary cuisine as well. The seed-bearing pod of legumes makes them distinguishable from other plant families. The oilseeds, such as soybeans and peanuts, are categorized separately from the grain legumes or beans, such as pinto, kidney, lima, cowpeas, fava, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), len­tils, and dry peas. Scientific research linking grain legume consumption to positive health, nutrition, and longevity outcomes continues to emerge.


This book chapter is published as Winham DM. “Legumes.” Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health. Ed. James M. Rippe, MD. Thousand Oaks, CA. SAGE, 2012:1599-603. Posted with permission.

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Donna M. Winham. "Legumes" Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health (2012) p. 1599 - 1603
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