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"The Story of Good Citizenship: Framing Recycling in the Context of Duty-Based and Engaged Citizenship"
Politics & Policy (2010)
  • Donna L. Lybecker, Idaho State University
  • Mark K. McBeth, Idaho State University
  • Kacee A. Garner, Idaho State University
Recent studies have explored the dimensions of duty-based versus engaged citizenship. These studies assert that individuals differ on the question of "what is a good citizen." Young individuals, in particular, are more likely to follow an engaged citizen view of citizenship. Engaged citizens are more participatory, global, and committed to social justice more than their duty-based counterparts. In this article we examine, with an innovative methodology and merging of citizenship and framing literature, the potential effects of increased engaged citizenship on policy issues. Our questions examine the characteristics of duty-based or engaged citizens and explore whether duty-based and engaged citizens would be more likely to support a policy, in this case recycling efforts, if the issue is framed in the context of their respective preferred citizenship norm. To provide an initial answer to these questions, we use the case study of recycling. We find that the engaged recycling frame was strongly supported by individuals with a more engaged view of citizenship while the duty-based frame was not necessarily more supported by duty-based individuals. We provide insights on how our study impacts political science and policy.
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Donna L. Lybecker, Mark K. McBeth and Kacee A. Garner. ""The Story of Good Citizenship: Framing Recycling in the Context of Duty-Based and Engaged Citizenship"" Politics & Policy (2010)
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