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Men Still Visiting Brothels
  • Melanie Shapiro, Esq
  • Donna M. Hughes, Dr.
Wednesday night, I gave a talk at Brown University, as part of the Human Trafficking Awareness Week. After the talk, I stopped for a coffee on Atwells Avenue on the way home. One Spa, an illegal spa-brothel, is next door to the coffee shop and just above the office of the Federal Hill Gazette. From the time I got out of my car and returned with my coffee, I saw three men go into the brothel—one white man in his late thirties dressed in carpenter pants, a flannel shirt, and baseball cap, one older balding white man with glasses, and a middle-aged Asian man. 
  • spa-brothel,
  • brothel,
  • prostitution,
  • law,
  • Rhode Island
Publication Date
March 13, 2010
Citation Information
Shapiro, Melanie. (2010, March 13). Men still visiting brothel on Federal Hill. Rhode Island: Citizens Against Trafficking.
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