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Levesque Misrepresents View of Laura Lederer
  • Donna M. Hughes, Dr.
Last week (September 4, 2009), Senator Charles Levesque (D-Portsmouth and Bristol) sent an email that misrepresented the view of Laura Lederer on the need for a prostitution law in Rhode Island. His email is reproduced in full below. Senator Levesque’s letter was printed in the Providence Journal (September 9, 2009) under the title “Anti-prostitution law means more deaths.” 
  • prostitution,
  • decriminalized prostitution,
  • Senator Charles Levesque,
  • Laura Lederer,
  • Rhode Island
Publication Date
September 11, 2009
Citation Information
Hughes, Donna M. (2009, September 11). Senator Levesque's misrepresentation of former State Department official's view on the need for a law against prostitution. Rhode Island: Citizens Against Trafficking.
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