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Governor Carcieri Calls for Passage of Prostitution Bill
  • Donna M. Hughes, Dr.
On Thursday (June 18, 2009), Governor Carcieri held a press conference to support Gianinni’s prostitution bill (H 5044A) and her House trafficking bill (H 5661A). Giannini’s bill will create laws against prostitution to “close the loophole” as it is often referred to. Joining the governor were Representative Joanne Giannini, the sponsor of the bills, Stacey Pires Veroni, Assistant Attorney General, Col. Doherty, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, Representative Roberto DaSilva, and Donna M. Hughes, Professor at the University of Rhode Island. 
  • decriminalized prostitution,
  • loophole,
  • "loop hole",
  • Rhode Island,
  • governor,
  • Joanne Giannini,
  • prostitution,
  • law
Publication Date
June 21, 2009
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Hughes, Donna M. (2009, June 21). Governor Carcieri calls for passage of prostitution bill (H 5044A) and trafficking bill (H 5661A).
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