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John Contracts Skin Disease at Spa
  • Donna M. Hughes, Dr.
  • Melanie Shapiro, Esq
A virus that causes a skin disease called Molluscum contagiosum is being spread at a spa-brothel in Providence. Molluscum contagiosum is a skin disease caused by a virus. The infection causes small white, pink, or flesh-colored bumps or growths on areas which came in contact with the infected skin of another person. Molluscum contagiosum can be treated or will disappear on its own, although it takes time. According to the Center for Disease Control “the bumps disappear on their own within 6 months. However, they may not go away completely for up to 4 years.” The person can infect another person or another part of the body as long as the skin bumps are present. The virus can live in towels or clothing and infect others on contact.
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Publication Date
October 2, 2009
Citation Information
Shapiro, Melanie & Hughes, Donna. (2009, October 2). "John contracts skin disease at spa in Providence." Rhode Island: Citizens Against Trafficking.
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