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The Dating and Hooking Up Experiences of Black Women at Predominantly White Institutions: A Phenomenological Study
The Qualitative Report (2022)
  • Patricia P. Carver, Bellarmine University
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Molloy University
Within this study, we explored the dating and hooking up experiences of Black women interested in dating men while attending predominantly White institutions. Using a phenomenological approach, we investigated how participants’ dating and hooking up experiences influenced their college experiences. We used intersectionality, thriving, and belongingness to theoretically frame the study. Five themes emerged: defining dating and hooking up, the value of education, Black women’s wants, Black women’s experiences, and men’s expectations. We close with implications for practice and recommendations for future research.
  • Black women,
  • dating,
  • hooking up,
  • intersectionality,
  • phenomenology,
  • thriving,
  • belonging
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Carver, P. P., & Mitchell, D., Jr. (2022). The dating and hooking up experiences of Black women at predominantly White institutions: A phenomenological study. The Qualitative Report, 27(8), 1726-1745.
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