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Going in Thinking Process, Coming Out Transformed: Reflections and Recommendations from a Qualitative Research Course
Social Sciences and Humanities Open (2020)
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Bellarmine University
  • Elizabeth Byron, Bellarmine University
  • Jeffrey Cross, Bellarmine University
  • OJ Oleka, Bellarmine University
  • Stephanie Van Eps, Bellarmine University
  • Phyllis Clark, Bellarmine University
  • Natalie Sajko, Bellarmine University
This article presents reflections and suggestions of an instructor and students from a doctoral-level qualitative research course. Given qualitative research courses often lack guidance for best practices and the well-being of doctoral students learning qualitative research is often overlooked, the purpose of this article is threefold: 1) to provide an introductory skeleton for designing a qualitative research course that is structured for classmates to interview each other throughout the semester, what the authors call a student-as-researcher-and-participant design; 2) to provide student reflections from the course; and finally, 3) to offer recommendations for using a student-as-researcher-and participant design for a qualitative research course.
  • Instructor,
  • qualitative research,
  • reflections,
  • students,
  • teaching
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Mitchell, D., Jr., Byron, E., Cross, J., Oleka, O., Van Eps, S., Clark, P., & Sajko, N. (2020). Going in thinking process, coming out transformed: Reflections and recommendations from a qualitative research course. Social Sciences and Humanities Open, 2(1). Available at
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