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Heritage Seekers, Identity, and Study Abroad: A Phenomenological Exploration
Journal of College Student Development (2020)
  • Mariana I. Naddaf, University of Michigan
  • Jakia Marie, University of Tennesee
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Bellarmine University
Study abroad participation for US college students has been on the rise throughout the past two decades. According to the Open Doors: 2018 Fast Facts report (Institute of International Education, 2018), 1.8% of US undergraduate students studied abroad, and study abroad participation overall rose to almost 333,000 students, during the 2016–2017 academic year. Research suggests that students choose programs because of location, costs, available courses, and heritage (Angulo, 2008; Eder, Smith, & Pitts, 2010; Moreno, 2009). As more US students study abroad, it is necessary to continue to explore the learning and developmental outcomes associated with these experiences and the reasons students choose to study abroad.
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Naddaf, M. I., Marie, J., & Mitchell, D., Jr. (2020). Heritage seekers, identity, and study abroad: A phenomenological exploration. Journal of College Student Development, 61(2), 120-125.