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Funding Undocumented Latino/a Students in Public Higher Education Institutions in the United States
NASAP Journal (2015)
  • Bianca Ortiz
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Grand Valley State University
While undocumented students are provided free access to a K-12 education, many undocumented students access U.S. higher education with no financial assistance. In this article, the authors evaluate three state-level policy alternatives—state DREAM Acts, state aid using “dummy” Social Security numbers, and state partnerships with Hispanic-serving institutions—to determine which alternative might be the best option for providing undocumented Latino/a students with financial support. The authors conclude by offering a policy recommendation and suggestions regarding implementation.
  • access,
  • affordability,
  • Latino/a,
  • policy alternatives,
  • undocumented
Publication Date
Citation Information
Ortiz, B., & Mitchell, D., Jr. (2015). Funding undocumented Latino/a students in public higher education institutions in the United States. National Association of Student Affairs Professionals Journal, 15(1), 76-93.