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Student Involvement & Academic Outcomes: Implications for Diverse College Student Populations
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Grand Valley State University
  • Krista M. Soria, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  • Elizabeth A. Daniele, Syracuse University
  • John A. Gipson, Purdue University
Student Involvement & Academic Outcomes links student involvement to tangible academic outcomes (i.e., GPAs, retention rates, graduation rates). This is particularly important for diverse student populations (e.g., underrepresented minority, first-generation college, and low-income students) who now make up a significant portion (and will soon become the majority) of U.S. college students. The text is a valuable tool for higher education administrators, faculty, staff, graduate students, parents, students, and scholars alike. In addition, the volume is ideal for master’s and doctoral programs in higher education and student affairs–related fields and for courses that examine issues/experiences associated with diverse U.S. college students, student affairs intervention strategies, racial and ethnic diversity in higher education, and critical/contemporary issues in higher education.

“The most promising trend in U.S. postsecondary education for enriching learning outcomes is the increasing diversity of students. The contributors to this book provide a smorgasbord of insights into what faculty and staff must do to realize this potential by using educationally purposeful practices inside and outside the classroom.”
—George D. Kuh, Adjunct Research Professor and Director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, University of Illinois

“This book is an important contribution to the literature on student engagement and outcomes. Student participant responses in my research indicated that men and women of color, felt apart from the student life into which they were being socialized—at best, they felt as though they were guests in someone else’s house. The editors and authors of Student Involvement & Academic Outcomes: Implications for Diverse College Student Populations provide much-needed insights from multiple perspectives to further the reader’s understanding of this phenomenon and to promote actions to address it.”
—Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner, Professor, California State University, Sacramento and Past President, Association for the Study of Higher Education

“Student Involvement & Academic Outcomes: Implications for Diverse College Student Populations makes a valuable contribution that is substantive, extends knowledge, and has the potential to significantly influence policy and practice in higher education. This book offers a compelling combination of theoretical keystones and researched-based practices to help faculty and practitioners understand the effect and consequences of particular engagement activities and the diverse populations we serve. The practical strategies offered are exceedingly helpful as are the cautions that identify practices that may hinder the academic achievement of diverse student groups.”
—Raechele L. Pope, Associate Professor, University of Buffalo

“If you care deeply about student success, especially among students from historically marginalized communities, this is an essential book. Donald Mitchell, Jr. and his colleagues paint a clear picture of what we need to know about creating and sustaining environments where students will flourish. Supporting and advancing the latest research, these pages are full of practical counsel for strengthening colleges and universities and unearthing the greatest potential of our communities of diverse students. What makes this book especially important is the way it challenges previously held, sometimes inaccurate, assumptions about the best educational practices for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The authors guide readers to better pathways for influencing and advancing student success and learning. This is the ideal book to read and discuss with colleagues and your students, who will no doubt be the beneficiaries.”
—Frank Shushok Jr., Executive Editor, About Campus and Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Higher Education, Virginia Tech
Publication Date
D. Mitchell, Jr., K. M. Soria, E. A. Daniele, & J. A. Gipson
Peter Lang
Higher Education Theory, Policy, & Praxis
Citation Information
Mitchell, D., Jr., Soria, K., Daniele, E., & Gipson, J. (Eds.). (2015). Student involvement and academic outcomes: Implications for diverse college student populations. New York, NY: Peter Lang.