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Informing Higher Education Policy and Practice Through Intersectionality
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Grand Valley State University
  • Don C. Sawyer, III
Intersectionality as a framework has garnered much attention in law, sociology, and education research, and conversations surrounding the framework and its utility now span the globe. Intersectionality addresses the junction of identities, and how the intersectional nature of identities, together, shape the lived experiences of individuals (Hancock, 2007) because of interlocking systems of oppression and marginalization often associated with those identities. In this special issue, “Informing Higher Education Policy and Practice Through Intersectionality,” the authors build upon Crenshaw’s (1989) articulation of intersectionality to frame their work, seeking to improve U.S. higher education.
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Citation Information
Mitchell, D., Jr., & Sawyer, D., III. (Eds.). (2014). Informing higher education policy and practice through intersectionality. Journal of Progressive Policy & Practice, 2(3).