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Transitioning from GPA Requirements to Holistic Application Reviews
Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Perspectives (2014)
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr., Grand Valley State University
I struggle with fraternities and sororities denying membership solely or greatly based on grade point average. Minimum GPA requirements mean students who do not meet the standard are rejected without consideration. Do members of fraternities and sororities not want students who fall below the GPA minimum to become engaged, find a sense of belonging on college campuses, develop as leaders, persist toward graduation, increase their GPAs, or develop professionally? While I would argue every fraternity and sorority should consider alternatives to relying on GPA as the measure for membership, I particularly find it troubling for historically black fraternities to exclude potential members solely because they do not meet a minimum GPA. Given the importance of Black Greek-letter organizations (BGLOs) for black students in higher education, I do not understand the value in giving so much credence to GPA. While this argument is transferable to all fraternities and sororities, I emphasize historically black fraternities because of the current state of education for black males in the United States.
  • Black Greek-letter organizations,
  • BGLOs,
  • GPA,
  • Historically Black fraternities and sororities
Publication Date
Winter 2014
Citation Information
Mitchell, D., Jr. (2014, Winter). Transitioning from GPA requirements to holistic application reviews. Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Perspectives, 30-33.