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Unpublished Paper
Records Management Strategy and its Implementation Plan For Records Management Programme
1 (2014)
  • Donald Flywell Malanga, Mr, University of Livingstonia

Implementation of a sound records management programme of an organization requires the establishment of records management strategy as it its framework. Therefore, this paper outlines the development of a records management strategy for the University of Livingstonia. The strategy has been developed based on the context of meeting the legislative, regulatory and business requirements, education sector needs, good management practice and integration of paper and electronic recordkeeping practices of the University. The main goal of the strategy is to enhance systematic management of university records from point of creation, maintenance and use, through to their ultimate disposition while taking into account the legislative and regulatory requirements. Key elements that make up the strategy have been highlighted. These include management of records, records security, responsibilities for records, records access, records quality, training of staff and records audit. The paper concludes by drawing up an implementation plan in which how each element highlighted in the strategy will be implemented to achieve the desired results.

  • Records management Strategy
Publication Date
Summer September 10, 2014
Citation Information
Donald Flywell Malanga. "Records Management Strategy and its Implementation Plan For Records Management Programme" 1 (2014)
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