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All-Optical Electron Injector
Donald Umstadter Publications
  • Phil Schewe
  • James Riordon
  • Ben Stein
  • Donald P. Umstadter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Published online in Physics News Update 563 #3, American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News, October 31, 2001 ( 3.html).


Copyright © 2001 American Institute of Physics. Used by permission.

Conventional electron acceleration at a place like SLAC needs miles to boost particles up to 50 GeV energies by feeding them microwaves in a succession of special cavities. In recent years physicists have been developing alternative acceleration concepts that might someday do the job in a much smaller space. Their near-term goal is to produce a first stage accelerator that outputs electron beams with lower energy but with properties that are more suitable for x-ray sources, such as those based on Compton scattering or the proposed linear synchrotrons at SLAC and DESY.
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Phil Schewe, James Riordon, Ben Stein and Donald P. Umstadter. "All-Optical Electron Injector" (2001)
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