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Coherent control of stimulated Raman scattering using chirped laser pulses
Donald Umstadter Publications
  • Evan S. Dodd, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Donald P. Umstadter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Published in Physics of Plasmas 8:8 (Aug 2001), pp. 3531-3534.
© 2001 American Institute of Physics. Used by permission. DOI: 10.1063/1.1382820
Physics of Plasmas is published monthly by the American Institute of Physics with the cooperation of The American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics;

A novel method for the control of stimulated Raman scattering and hot electron production in short-pulse laser-plasma interactions is proposed. It relies on the use of a linear frequency chirp in nonbandwidth limited pulses. Theoretical calculations show that a 12% bandwidth will eliminate Raman forward scattering for a plasma density that is 1% of the critical density. The predicted changes to the growth rate are confirmed in two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. Relevance to areas of current research is also discussed.
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Evan S. Dodd and Donald P. Umstadter. "Coherent control of stimulated Raman scattering using chirped laser pulses" (2001)
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