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The Co-57 Abundance in SN 1987A
The Astrophysical Journal
  • Mark D Leising, Clemson University
  • Donald D Clayton, Clemson University
  • Lih-Sin The, Clemson University
  • W N Johnson, Naval Research Lab
  • J D Kurfess, Naval Research Lab
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Astrophysical implications of the detection by OSSE of Co-57 gamma radiation from SN 1987A are discussed. By burying the alpha-rich-freezeout portion at deeper gamma depths than in published models, it is shown that it remains barely possible that the bolometric luminosity during days 1200-1800 could derive from Co-57 power without requiring 57/56 production ratios greater than twice solar. Alternative mechanisms which may contribute to the bolometric power at late times are proposed.
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