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The base composition of entomopoxvirus DNA
  • W. H. R. Langridge
  • R. F. Bozarth
  • Donald W. Roberts, Utah State University
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Equilibrium centrifugation of entomopoxvirus DNAs from Lepidoptera (Amsacta moorei, Euxoa auxiliaris), Coleoptera (Othnonius batesi), and Diptera [Chironomus near decorus ( = attenuatus)], ans vertebrate proxvirus DNA (vaccinia, IHD-D) in cesium chloride gradients gave buoyant density values of 1.690 g/ml for vaccinia DNA and 1.676 to 1.681 g/ml for the entomopoxvirus DNAs. The molar fraction of guanine and cytosine (G+C) calculated from the buoyant density of entomopoxvirus DNA was 30 to 48% lower than the G+C values for vaccinia DNA. Thermal denaturation studies (Tm) of entomopoxvirus DNA confirmed the low G+C values and established that these DNAs were double-stranded in vitro. DNA base ratios calculated on the basis of buoyant density and Tm indicate that there are no abnormal bases present in the entomopoxvirus genome.
Citation Information
Langridge, W.H.R., R.F. Bozarth and D.W. Roberts. 1977. The base composition of entomopoxvirus DNA. Virology 76: 616 20.