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Unpublished Paper
Broadband Deployment to Rural America: The Foundation of American Innovation in the Digital Age
  • Don E Reeve, Santa Clara University School of Law
This note is a focused discussion of the importance of rural broadband inclusion in the scheme of national broadband deployment through an examination of Presidential Candidate Senator Hillary Clinton’s proposed broadband policies. With the rise of the global digital marketplace, the significance of broadband deployment to underserved communities not only rest on the benefits that broadband service provides but also on the potential damage non-inclusion can cause to our nation’s economic and institutional stability. This truth is the catalyst behind the prominence of broadband, and in particular rural broadband inclusion, in the current presidential campaigns. Accordingly, this note examines the importance of broadband to Americans by 1) defining broadband, 2) examining the types of broadband technologies, 3) examining the benefits of broadband service, 4) examining the current state of broadband penetration in the United States, and 5) examining the challenges facing those Americans who are in the digital divide. The Note then undertakes a review of broadband regulatory history and the current regulatory position of the Federal government, and then examines the current federal programs aimed at stimulating rural broadband deployment. Lastly, the Note presents and analyzes Senator Clinton’s proposed rural broadband initiatives and the criticism of her proposal and offers a proposed list of talking points to highlight rural broadband inclusion on the campaign trail as well as a few suggestions on the substance of a rural broadband policy aimed at facilitating rural broadband deployment. Ultimately, the Note concludes that the federal government must create and implement a national broadband policy which is in the public interest by devising and enacting policies that support a multifaceted approach to the deployment and maintenance of the broadband infrastructure.
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Don E Reeve. "Broadband Deployment to Rural America: The Foundation of American Innovation in the Digital Age" (2007)
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