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Market Orientation and Enterprise Policy
European Journal of Marketing (2009)
  • Don O'Sullivan
  • Patrick Butler
Enterprise policy in European economies is commonly focused on enhancing market orientation as a driver of firm performance. Irish enterprise policy, which is frequently cited as a model of best practice, focuses on developing market orientation within the States’ high-value-added sectors. However, based on a study of firms operating within these sectors of the Irish economy, the authors find that market orientation is not directly associated with either subjectively- or objectively-measured performance. The implications for enterprise policy in European economies and for the evolving understanding of market orientation are considered. The moderating effects of several environmental factors are also addressed.
  • Market Orientation,
  • Enterprise Policy
Publication Date
Citation Information
O’Sullivan, D. & Butler, P. “Market Orientation and Enterprise Policy” European Journal of Marketing, 2009, Vol. 43, No. 11/12, 1349-1364.