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Garbage and Recycling with Endogenous Local Policy
Journal of Urban Economics (2000)
  • Thomas C. Kinnaman, Bucknell University
  • Don Fullerton, University of Texas at Austin
This paper estimates the impact of a user fee and a curbside recycling program on garbage and recycling amounts, allowing for the possibility of endogenous policy choices. Without correction for endogenous policy, the price per unit of garbage collection has a negative effect on garbage and a positive cross-price effect on recycling. When we correct for endogenous policy, then the effect of the user fee on garbage increases. The implementation of a $1 per bag user fee is estimated to reduce garbage by 412 pounds per person per year.
Publication Date
January 25, 2000
Citation Information
Thomas C. Kinnaman and Don Fullerton. "Garbage and Recycling with Endogenous Local Policy" Journal of Urban Economics Vol. 48 (2000)
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