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Electronic Charge and Spin Density Distribution in a Quantum Ring with Spin-Orbit and Coulomb Interactions
Physical Review B
  • Csaba Daday, University of Iceland
  • Andrei Manolescu, Reykjavik University
  • D C Marinescu, Clemson University
  • Vidar Gudmundsson, University of Iceland
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The American Physical Society
Charge and spin density distributions are studied within a nanoring structure endowed with Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions (SOIs). For a small number of electrons, in the presence of an external magnetic field and of the Coulomb interaction, the energy spectrum of the system is calculated through an exact numerical diagonalization procedure. The eigenstates thus determined are used to estimate the charge and spin densities around the ring. We find that when more than two electrons are considered, the charge density deformations induced by SOIs are dramatically flattened by the Coulomb repulsion, while the spin density deformations are amplified.

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