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Planning in Brazil, India and Germany
Online Readings in Psychology and Culture
  • C. Dominik Guess, Northern Illinois University
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Planning is a fundamental cognitive ability that helps in organizing and structuring events unfolding in a person's daily life. Two studies are presented that analyze planning behavior in different cultures: Brazil, India, and Germany. The first is a cross-cultural psychological study in which students develop plans for uncertain problem scenarios. The second study follows a cultural psychological tradition. Workers from different domains are interviewed about their life problems and plans. The strengths and the weaknesses of both approaches become obvious in the description and discussion of these two studies. The cross-cultural study sheds light on cross-cultural similarities and differences in planning in Brazil, India, and Germany. The cultural psychological approach yields data regarding a theoretical model on the specific cultural influences on planning.
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C. Dominik Guess. "Planning in Brazil, India and Germany" (2004)
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