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A Financial Option for the Modern University Press
Association of American University Presses (2015)
  • Thomas Bacher, University of Akron

Harvard professor Yochai Benkler has written a number of papers on the prospect of peer production of information. The digital environment can provide an avenue for many disciplines to lower the system cost of information. Viewing scholarly information as a public good changes the nature of participation. In a smaller discipline like Cultural Anthropology, for example, could a decentralized, peer-run system alter the way constituents cooperate to produce openly-accessible, quality research and provide a template for other disciplines? In other words, can the academy maximize social technologies like crowdsourcing to create content by having interested parties donate money, time, and skills? Would it benefit the greater good to set up a site that would allow post-peer-reviewed materials to be listed to ascertain if they can be funded in non-traditional ways? How could this work? How could authors become involved? What newer forms of content might arise?

  • Crowdsourcing; University Presses; Monograph; Academic Content
Publication Date
Summer June 12, 2015
Citation Information
Thomas Bacher. "A Financial Option for the Modern University Press" Association of American University Presses (2015)
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