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Cyberspace Publishing
Journal of Scholarly Publishing (2007)
  • Thomas Bacher, University of Akron

This year’s forum – comprising comments by directors at Georgetown University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, University of Massachusetts Press, Oxford University Press, and Purdue University Press – is not so very different, though it leans more in the direction of common than of different themes. To no one’s surprise matters digital reign supreme, followed closely by open access and partnering with libraries in creating new opportunities. With regard to the digital, the common thread seems to be not the demise of the printed book – the familiar refrain of doom mongers in recent years – but rather the opportunities for a wide variety of formats that the digital revolution has made possible. One comes away from this forum understanding that we – and, by extension, university presses, libraries, and readers – need not decide between print and electronic. We can have it both ways!

  • Publishing; Digital Age; University press
Publication Date
July, 2007
Citation Information
Thomas Bacher. "Cyberspace Publishing" Journal of Scholarly Publishing Vol. 38 Iss. 4 (2007)
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