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Electrical Machines Lab Manual with Matlab Programs
None (2010)
  • D. K. Chaturvedi, Dr., Dayalbagh Educational Institute
Electrical machines and power system are the back bone of electrical engineering and play a vital role in industry. It is therefore essential that students of electrical engineering should have a proper background in these areas. It is observed that the students do not take much interest in the laboratory. Hence, the necessity is felt to explain the concepts of electrical machines with suitable computer programs besides the theory and practice. This will provide better understanding of the subject. There are certain limitations in lab experimentation that any arbitrary voltage or load to machines can not be applied, otherwise it will get damaged, but if a suitable Matlab® program consisting of machine model is available, then one may apply any voltage or load (i.e. playing with the program) and learn in much better way. Electrical machines Lab manual with Matlab® programs is a book for an alternate way of learning the subject. It explains the basic types of electrical machines, such as transformer, DC machine, induction machine, synchronous machine and low-power motors operated at single phase AC systems. It provides a basic knowledge of electrical machines along with the experimental details performed on these machines, useful for further studies and practice. To get different external and internal characteristics of these machines in the lab, systematic procedure is explained and the results are validated with Matlab® programs. This book discusses the basics, structure and steady state operating behavior, principle of operation of these machines, relevant theory, the procedure of performing experiments, observations and results analysis, Matlab® program codes and finally, to check the understanding multiple choice questions are also provided.
  • Electrical Machines,
  • Matlab,
  • Power Systems
Publication Date
Summer June 6, 2010
University Science Press
Citation Information
D. K. Chaturvedi. Electrical Machines Lab Manual with Matlab Programs. New Delhi(2010)
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